Our technology practice helps to execute against organizations’ technical strategies with deep expertise across various technologies. Our engineers, architects, and subject matter experts come together to solve our clients’ most complex business problems, regardless of industry, by developing innovative solutions. Our experience spans the latest and greatest in emerging technologies such as Solution Engineering, Services/Microservices, DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity.

Solution Engineering

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Design & Development
  • Systems & Software Engineering
  • Operations and Maintenance

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Service and Microservice-based Architecture


  • Build and Deployment Pipeline Automation
  • Software Testing and Code Quality
  • DevSecOps
  • Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring (CDM)


  • Security Engineering
  • Security Operations
  • Cybersecurity Compliance


A big 4 multinational tax advisory client had been manually providing static tax impact forecasting analyses to clients using large (50+ sheets) Excel files with extremely complex business logic representing the US tax code.

Salient Solution

Our team was brought in to modernize the process by building a dynamic analytical forecasting tool, which ingested the Excel business logic and output effective tax impact values on the fly. Our engineers worked with the practice’s internal group to develop and stand up a solution which included a published website, web application, backend microservices, cloud deployment workflow, and an optimized SQL Server-based data warehouse.


Using the new tool, tax practitioners were able to provide ad-hoc predictive analyses in under 5 minutes, a process which usually took 2-4 hours. The tool also generated shareable web-based and PDF-format executive reports including drill down analyses.

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