March 2021 | By: Dave Middleton

Over several years as an Enterprise Architect and Consultant, I have seen many companies purchase EA Software to improve their business. These companies start out enthused about what they can do with the tool and then a high percentage of these initiatives end up failing. It begs the question, why is the failure rate so high and what can you do to prevent this outcome?

The most cited reasons for failure include:

  • Perceived lack of value. While the EA Team may be happy creating models and diagrams the business does not see the value and wants insight into what they should be doing.
  • Inadequate Training. Training on “How to implement and use the tool” is good and necessary but does not always show you how to produce value for your business. Not surprisingly as Software Companies do not know your business and its requirements for successfully meeting its goals.
  • Emphasis on the wrong objectives. Focusing on building the Enterprise Model instead of providing answers.
  • Lack of dedicated resources. Often the EA Team is comprised of the best and brightest employees who are tasked with doing “Enterprise Architecture,” in addition to their core functions within the organization. As company priorities move attention away from the project, the EA Team is pulled away from EA work.
  • Absence of business buy-in. When the EA Team is singularly focused on IT solutions, they fail to provide business value and insights.

Today, 72% of organizations are either starting, restarting, or renewing their EA efforts. This is not because there is something wrong with EA; rather, it’s because traditional EA is seen as not having business value. Successful EA leaders focus first and foremost on business value and business outcomes – the “why” and “what” – before the “how” of “doing” EA. (Gartner)

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So how DO you show the value of your EA?

Immediately providing value to the Business side of your organization, and not restricting your EA Tool’s benefits to the IT department only, is the key to successfully integrating this tool into your organization’s business strategy.  Focusing on business priorities will earn recognition for the EA Team’s contributions. A great first step is ensuring you are maximizing the effectiveness of your software.

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